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Post: Winning Over Your Customers by Jessica Leigh

Date: January 29, 2011

Hey Jessica, I love this! I am a real people pleaser and am always trying to figure out how I can better serve the people I am working for. I liked how you laid out the four tips in an easy to read way. I worked at a camp this past summer that was affiliated with Chick-fil-a, and it was a wonderful experience to work with a company that really took an interest in their customer. A lot of what you brought up like finding a solution to your customers problem, is exactly the type of thing I was taught when I worked at the camp. Great points!


Post: Social Medias by Jordan Stagg

Date: January 29, 2011

Jordan, I know exactly how you feel. I guess you never realize how much there is to a particular field until you get into it, but Public Relations has defiantly felt a little overwhelming. The same as you, I mainly use Facebook when it comes to social networking sites, but I am excited about learning how to use Twitter. I think the scariest part is just not knowing what to expect, but once we all get more familiar with PR, it should become a little easier to navigate. Great thoughts!


Post: Spelling Makes all the Difference by Emily Bos

Date: February 12, 2011

Emily I love your article, because it is so true. I think our generation more than most has become sloppy, in spelling and grammar. It is so easy to have the text and facebook language care over into more important things. I had not heard about Wet Seal but I totally agree with you, why would anyone want to wear a t-shirt that had a spelling error on it. Cool Article!


Post: Second News U course evaluation! by Barbara O

Date: February 13, 2011

Barbara I took this course last semester and the same as you, I really enjoyed it! I particularly liked the examples provided by NewsU, because it gave me a better handle on what they were talking about. I also liked what you said about how your Comp class taught a different writing style, because I thought the same thing when I took a Journalism course last year. I realized that many of the rules I had learned in my English classes freshman year, were not as applicable to journalistic writing as I might have thought.


Post: Counting Words by Christina Harden

Date: February 19, 2011

Christina, First off, I really like your blog! It has a cool look to it, and it doesn’t feel crowded or confusing. Second, I completely agree with you. The problem with print, is once its out there you can’t take it back. My mom used to work for a Newspaper, and she said it was so frustrating because the owner of the paper would sometimes decide to write an article last minute. The problem was he often sent it to print without the editors having a chance to look over it.

The result was generally an interesting story with poor sentence structure and grammar. However, since he was the owner of the Newspaper it was hard to control, but if an employee under you is making those kinds of sloppy errors, I think it only makes sense to step in and address the problem.


Post: Canon’s Loyalty Program by Cody Marlow

Date: February 20, 2011

This is so cool! I love Canon as well and am starting to get more into photography. I have wanted to upgrade but figured I didn’t have the money. However, maybe with this new program I will have enough. I think this is a really smart move on Canon’s part because I feel like now I am a lot more likely to buy from them this year, than I would have been had they not started this deal program. Thanks for the great tip!


Post: Great Marketing Tool by Angela Myers

Date: February 25, 2011

Hey Angela, I love this photo! I have noticed the same thing as you. Everyone seems to be moving to Apple. I remember just three years ago when I started at Southeastern University, it was not uncommon to see someone with a Macbook, but at the same time there were a lot more Dells and PCs. Now most of my classes have a greater presence of Apples, than they do HP, Dell, and PC. It is funny how the tables turn. I have loved watching this shift since I am an Apple person. I even went to a school in 9th grade that gave every child an Apple laptop. That was pretty cool! Anyway I like the article. Keep up the good work.


Post: Resume Rescue by Christina Harden

Date: February 25, 2011

Hey Christina! Great pointers, I particularly liked the video. The whole resume and interview process scares me a little. So I appreciate your help and the easy to read format that you put the information in. I also liked the websites you provided links to they have some great stuff. Good job!


Post: Really? by Christina Harden

Date: March 2, 2011

WOW! I totally missed the bear. I think this is one of the more interesting blog articles I have read all semester. The video was very convincing because it proves the point its trying to make. I must say, I felt a little stupid when it asked me if I had seen the moon walking bear. I even started it again to make sure it wasn’t a trick. Great job, this was a well written article with a lot of interesting information.


Post: And the magic word is?? by Angela Myers

Date: March 2, 2011

This is so true! I never ever thought about the PR aspect of “Going Green.” Just yesterday I was in the store buying shampoo when I say a bottle of mousse that was all green and it said something like Eco Friendly on the front, with the little recycling symbol. I didn’t thing twice about it till now, when I realize that had to have been more of a marketing scheme than anything.


Post: The iPad 2 is Here!… Sort of… by Cody Marlow

Date: March 6, 2011

Hey Cody! I totally agree with you. I feel that Apple should have waited a little longer to release the iPad 2, even if it was just for the sake of their customers. I understand that technology is always evolving and part of the way companies make money is by releasing new and updated devices. However, there comes a point where as the customer you get tired of spending hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. Only to discover that a year later what you just bought and maybe are still paying on, has suddenly been labeled the old version.


Post: Anyone want some Girl Scout cookies? by Jordan Stagg

Date: March 6, 2011

WOW! That is an eye opener. I have to say I never thought I would see Girl Scouts, selling cookies by way of facebook and other social media devises. Yet, I never thought I’d see a Catholic App for confession or a touch screen whiteboard in a classroom. It seems the whole world is moving at a consistent pace, deeper and deeper into the technology way of living.

I myself have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I like the convenience and productivity of media but at the same time I think we are loosing some of the simple joys and pleasures of life. Things like face-to-face conversations or door-to-door cookie sales where you get to know the people in your neighborhood. Anyway just a few thoughts, great article! I enjoyed reading it.


Post: Using tragedy to gain advertisers by Angela Myers

Date: March 19, 2011

That is terrible! I cannot get over how consumer focused the world has become. Even a grave tragedy is seen as an opportunity to make money. I feel like this resembles a short video I saw last week. It was saying that our society is getting to a point where more than anything it wants to train the next generation to be consumers. Education, health, and wellbeing is taking a back seat while consumerism is driving hard and swerving out of control. I think Mediacorp may be an example of this and their halfhearted apology reinforces that point.


Post: Reaction to class Video on Martin Waxman by Barbara O

Date: March 19, 2011

That sounded like a great interview I wish I could have seen it. I was actually interviewing someone myself, that afternoon, so I appreciate your blog. It gives me an idea of what was covered. I like the three points that Mr. Waxman made. I could not agree more with what he said; simplicity, energy, and integrity really are fundamental when trying to run a firm or business of any kind. Great Article!


Post: Twitter Chat by Jordan Stagg

Date: March 27, 2011

I am the same as you. Before this I had never heard of a Twitter chat. I am still kind of trying to figure the whole thing out but I find it really interesting. Especially the way there are regular chats that are set up every week. It is like a weekly get together or something. Anyway I like that you took the time to research it. I think that is what I need to do so I can better understand what Twitter chats are all about.


Post: 7 ways to get your blog Noticed! by Barbara O

Date: March 27, 2011

Hey, these were some great points. I have often considered how I can let more people know about my blog. I loosely know a girl, who has a lot of weekly followers on her blog. She has even gotten some fairly famous people tuning in regularly. I have wondered how she first got her name out there and if there might be a time she could teach me some of her tricks. However, this post may have some of the same strategies she used, when she first started to try and get a name for herself. Great Thoughts!


Post: Not Everyone Loves Social Media by KnealeMann

Date: April 2, 2011

I think this is a really important point. I know I often get focused on trying to keep up with all the modern technology. I feel like the whole world is ahead of me and I need to catch up. Then I get in a conversation with an aunt or grandparent and realize they have no idea what kind of world I am living in. Words like Twitter or phrases like, “Did you google it?” are completely foreign to them. It always serves as a reminder to me that not everyone is immersed in modern technology.


Post: How often do you forget a password? by Alan Pearcy

Date: April 2, 2011

This made me smile. I find this kind of thing is the case in a lot of situations. I once spent six hours on the phone with Apple’s customer service. Only to find out at the end of the day that the apple ipod I just purchased was incompatible with my apple iBook. Who would have guessed?


Post: Privacy and publicity – can they ever be friends? by Martin Waxman

Date: April 11, 2011

I completely agree with your concerns. I have wondered many times where the line should be drawn. We have become very open as a society and often somewhat desensitized to some of the things that used to be considered inappropriate or wrong. Parents sometimes have to work as the gatekeepers for their children, by filtering some of the media that children are taking in and participating in.


Post: Breaking Up is Hard to Do… by CT Michaels

Date: April 11, 2011

I am still a full time student and I have not had a lot of job experience so to be honest it never occurred to me that this would be an issue. Yet, as I think about it, it makes a lot of sense. I have moved several times in my life and I know what it is like to leave more than I know the feeling of being left. However, I can say that as the person leaving I have always really appreciated any little thing that people did for me, whether it was a card or maybe just a sincere goodbye.

The after math was also important. If I never heard from people again I don’t think poorly of them but it was always wonderful to receive phone calls from those that I had made friendships with. I think the fact that you stayed in touch with your coworker probably meant a lot more to her than any party or card would have.


Post: How would you define social media? by Neville Hobson

Date: April 13, 2011

I am in the same boat. I am currently in a communication theory class and this is the kind of stuff we cover. I feel that “social media”, is more like a tent term. It covers a lot and it is hard to nail down and really define. I think one difficulty is that media today is used for so many things that lines of explanation are becoming harder and harder to draw.  Great thoughts, I enjoyed reading the article!


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