Mark Lowry

Anyone can be good at something if they work hard enough, but talent is a gift from God. Mark Lowry has talent, no doubt about it. About three weeks back I saw him live, and I watched as he worked the audience from one high to another. First he warmed up the crowd by addressing several different denominations. He talked about the evangelical spirit-filled Christians, the Catholics with their love for Mary, and the Baptists who discourage dancing. He made fun of himself and his ADHD, but the best part was how he wrapped one anecdote around another. 

 I came away at the end of the night feeling better about life. I had been able to laugh, hear insightful points about the Lord, and listen to some of the greatest hymns of all time. The icing on the cake was hearing Mark Lowry sing his famous song, Mary Did You Know. I had never been to a Mark Lowry production before, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. To have been part of the audience was to see great talent, being used to bring glory to God’s name, and that is a true blessing.


About seagirl29

I am currently a student at a University in Florida and studying to receive a major in Communication and a minor in Missions. I have a passion for writing. I also love going on mission trips and watching as the Lord works in unexpected ways.
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