Groupon Pulls Ad!

Groupon, a large coupon company, recently ran into some trouble when they aired a Super Bowl commercial that was criticized for making light of a serious situation. The ad opened with scenic shots, while a narrator explained how the very culture of Tibet was in danger. The commercial continued, but right when it approached the point where someone normally appears on the screen to tell the audience how to get involved or help by giving money — the whole tone of the commercial changed. A man sitting in a nice restaurant explained how he got a great deal at Himalayan Restaurant in Chicago, because of Groupon.

Many people took this as making fun of the serious needs in Tibet. Andrew Mason, the company’s founder, came out on Tuesday trying to clear the air; he said the ad was never meant to make fun. Mason even talked about how people could go to, and Groupon would match anything given. However, all this was to no avail, and finally this Thursday Groupon pulled the ad altogether. The only positive to this publicity is that a lot more people know about Groupon now than they did before. Yet, Mason might have preferred no  spotlight, in comparison to a bad spotlight. If you are interested and want to read more go to


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I am currently a student at a University in Florida and studying to receive a major in Communication and a minor in Missions. I have a passion for writing. I also love going on mission trips and watching as the Lord works in unexpected ways.
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